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Transfer Credit


Transfer credit is given only for courses in which grades of “C-” or better were earned from a regionally accredited college or university and which the Catawba College Registrar determines to be acceptable for transfer credit. On its official transcripts, Catawba College will show course titles, grades, and credit hours earned (but not quality points) on transfer and transient courses for which Catawba has comparable courses and in which the student has earned a “C-” or better. The Catawba College Registrar, in verbal consultation with appropriate department representatives as necessary, will determine whether such courses are comparable to Catawba offerings and therefore acceptable for transfer credit.

Catawba College will calculate grade point averages for graduation, honors, junior marshals, etc. on Catawba work only. In checking graduation requirements in general education, the Catawba College Registrar will evaluate transfer and transient work and count comparable courses as satisfying Catawba’s core requirements.

Students who are attending or have attended an accredited community or junior college outside of the North Carolina Community College system may transfer up to 60 semester hours of credit to Catawba College.

Students who have attended or are currently attending an accredited four-year institution may transfer up to 90 semester hours of credit to Catawba College, as determined by Catawba’s Registrar.

Catawba College does not award credit for experiential learning or professional certificates at the undergraduate level.

The College does not award credit for courses taken on a non-credit basis with the exception of military credit or experience.

All documents submitted to Catawba College (ex: SAT scores, high school transcripts, college transcripts) cannot be returned, copied or forwarded.

Re-entering students – traditional students who have previously been enrolled at Catawba College but have not attended the semester immediately prior to a registration period – must apply for re-admission through the Admissions Office before being allowed to register.