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Graduation Requirements


An application for graduation must be filed and on record in the Registrar’s Office. A fine will be imposed on all students who file for graduation after the posted filing deadline. For students anticipating meeting requirements in a Spring or Summer semester, under no circumstances will a graduation application be accepted beyond March 15th.

Students completing a double major in two different degree types (B.A., B.S., etc.) must identify which degree type (B.A., B.S., etc.) they plan to be awarded when they submit their application for graduation. Catawba College offers students the option of completing a double major (program of study in which one degree is earned with two majors) and not a dual degree. Two degrees are not awarded, one degree (B.A., B.S., etc.) will be awarded with two majors. Only the degree awarded (B.A., B.S., etc.) is printed on the diploma. Majors are not printed on diplomas.

Upon certification/approval and after all grades have been posted, the degree is awarded and will be reflected on the Catawba transcript. Degrees are conferred in December for Fall graduates, May for Spring graduates, and July/August for Summer graduates, after final grades are posted. Diplomas are mailed to graduates after the degree certification process is complete. Students must satisfy all financial obligations to the College and complete the financial aid exit interview, if applicable, to receive a diploma and/or transcript. Degree candidates who do not clear outstanding requirements by the conferral deadline must reapply for graduation at a later date and assume the financial responsibility involved therein.

Catawba College holds one Commencement Ceremony annually, in May, to honor students who have or will complete all degree requirements during the current academic year (fall, spring, summer). Participating in Commencement is separate from graduating. Students who will complete their degree requirements during the summer term are eligible to participate in the May Commencement Ceremony. Participation in Commencement does not guarantee awarding of the degree nor does it mean that a student has graduated. Only those who apply and are certified/approved within proper deadlines will be awarded a degree.