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Catawba College grants the Bachelor of Arts degree in the major fields of study listed below as well as in approved interdisciplinary majors.

• Accounting

• Administration of Justice

• Biology

• Chemistry

- concentrations in Environmental Chemistry, Forensics, Fermentation Science

• Communication

- concentration in Sports Communication

• Digital Media & Production

• Economics & Finance

• Education

- Elementary K-6

- Middle School 6-9 (concentrations in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies)

- Special Education (focus in Elementary)

• English

- concentrations in Literature, Creative Writing, Public & Professional Writing

• History

• Integrated Marketing Communication

• Mathematics

• Music

- concentrations in Music Business, Music Education, Music Performance, Popular Music, Sacred Music, Worship Music & Production

• Politics

- concentrations in Pre-Law, Public Administration

• Psychology

• Religion

• Sociology

• Spanish

• Theatre Arts

Catawba College grants the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in the major fields of study listed below.

• Musical Theatre

• Theatre Arts

- concentrations in Performance and Design & Production

Catawba College grants the Bachelor of Science degree in the major fields of study listed below.

• Biochemistry

• Biology

• Business Administration

- concentrations in Accounting, Communication, Economics, Entrepreneurship, General Management, Information Systems, International Business, Marketing

• Chemistry

• Computer Science

• Environment and Sustainability

- concentrations in Environmental Policy & Advocacy, Environmental & Outdoor Education, Environmental Science, Natural Resource Management, Sustainable Planning & Leadership

• Exercise Science

- concentrations in Human Performance, Sports Medicine

• Information Systems and Technology

• Mathematics

• Mathematical Finance

• Psychology

- concentrations in Human Health, Biological Science

• Sport Management

• Theatre Arts Administration

• Therapeutic Recreation

Catawba College grants the Bachelor of Science in Nursing in the programs listed below.

• Pre-licensure

• RN-to-BSN (offered through Catawba Online)

Catawba College grants the degrees listed below through Catawba Online.

• Bachelor of Arts, General Studies

- concentration in Intercultural/Intracultural Studies

• Bachelor of Arts in Education - Birth-Kindergarten Education

• Bachelor of Business Administration

- concentrations in Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Information Systems, Professional Accounting

• Bachelor of Science - Information Technology (This major is not currently accepting new students.)

Each major is designed to enable a student to develop competence in a specific academic field of interest. The majors build on the knowledge and skills developed in the Core courses required of all students.

The academic major requires thirty to sixty semester hours, depending on the field. A department may not prescribe fewer than 30 semester hours nor more than 60 semester hours for the satisfaction of its major requirements. Courses used to fulfill requirements in a student’s major may be used to meet requirements in a minor as well. There are no restrictions on electives, other than prerequisites, that a student may choose to support his or her major. This 30 to 60 semester hours range is interpreted to mean all requirements (both within and outside the department) for a stated major.

A student must complete the minimum requirements in the major with an average of at least 2.00 and not more than four semester hours of “D” to count towards the major requirements. At least 50% of the hours in the major must be completed at Catawba College. No more than 20% of the courses in the major can be substituted by the Department without approval from the Academic Policies and Standards Committee.

There are three basic types of majors:

1. the majors in departments (listed above);

2. the major constructed around two or more disciplines on an interdisciplinary basis (for example, Psychology and Religion, Literature and Drama, History and Political Science); and

3. the major which focuses on a particular interest that combines various disciplines as they relate to that interest (for example, “Nineteenth Century Europe,” which would bring together History, Political Thought, Philosophy, Drama, etc.; for “Contemporary France,” which would bring together the language, literature, political and philosophical thought, etc.).

All individualized majors (types 2 and 3) require the appointment of a major advisor and approval of the program of study by the Curriculum Committee. Individualized majors are not offered in Catawba Online programs.