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To complement a major or to develop a competence in a second area of interest, the Catawba student may choose to acquire a minor field of study. Eighteen to twenty-one semester hours of course work are required for a minor, depending on the field of study. Courses used to fulfill requirements in a student’s major may be used to meet requirements in a minor as well. In addition, students must achieve a minimum 2.00 cumulative grade point average in their minor with no more than one “D” grade on courses taken for the minor. At least 50% of the hours in the minor must be completed at Catawba College. The student must declare for a minor through the Registrar. No more than one course can be substituted by the Department without approval from the Academic Policies and Standards Committee.

Catawba offers minors in the following fields:

• Accounting

• Athletic Coaching

• Biology

• Botany

• Business Administration

• Chemistry

• Communication

• Counseling

• Computer Science

• Creative Writing

• Dance

• Digital Media Production

• Ecology

• Economics

• Educational Studies

• English

• Environment and Sustainability

• Entrepreneurship

• Geographic Information Systems and Technology

• Human Biology

• History

• Humanities

• Interdisciplinary Data Science

• Instructional Design

• Information Systems

• Mathematics

• Marketing

• Music Business

• Music

• Musical Theatre

• Music Therapy

• Nutrition

• Philosophy

• Politics

• Psychology

• Public and Professional Writing

• Religion

• Secondary Education (9-12)

• Sociology

• Spanish

• Special Subjects Area (K-12)

• Studio Art

• Theatre Arts

• Worship Music and Production

• Zoology

An individualized minor may be constructed around a particular interest that may combine various disciplines. Individualized minors require the approval of the major advisor as well as approval of the program of study by the Curriculum Committee.

Minors are not available in the B.B.A. and B.A.E. degree program.