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NORTH CAROLINA COMMUNITY COLLEGE TUITION REMISSION (Early College Students see Joint Enrollment Policy)

Catawba College offers North Carolina Community College (NCCC) students the opportunity to take one course per semester (Traditional or Catawba Online) through Catawba tuition-free. The program is limited to full-time, degree-seeking students. Courses offered in the summer and at the graduate level are not included. Guidelines for the program are presented below. For additional information or clarification, please contact Catawba Online at 704.637.4772 or the Welcome Center at 704-637- 4402.

A. Enrollment Criteria

a. Students. The NCCC student must be enrolled in a full-time, degree-seeking student at a North Carolina Community College in the semester in which the course is taken at Catawba.

b. Courses. Tuition remission is available for courses offered in the regular fall and spring semesters. Courses offered in summer and winter sessions or at the graduate level are not covered under tuition remission. Internships, independent studies, and private lessons are also excluded.

c. Grades. A student must take the course for regular grades (A, B, C, etc.). The student may not elect special grade types such as Pass/Fail or Audit for courses taken through the tuition remission program.

B. Registration Guidelines

a. Space Available Basis. NCCC students may enroll in a course when space is available as determined on the first day of class. Instructors will not be asked to overload in order to accommodate a tuition remission student.

b. Registration and Fees. NCCC students may enroll in one course (up to four credit hours) per semester at Catawba College tuition-free. There will be no charge for tuition; however, students will be responsible for purchasing books and supplies required for the course.

c. Application. The student must complete and submit an application to Catawba College at least 7 calendar days before the first day of the requested course. In addition, the student must provide a Letter of Good Standing from their community college verifying full-time enrollment, and must also sign and return the “Guidelines for North Carolina Community College Students Registering at Catawba College under Tuition Remission” no later than the first day of the course requested.

C. Policies and Regulations

a. Grades and Reports. Catawba College will transmit the grades earned by each student to their North Carolina Community College when requested by the student.

b. Number of Courses. Full-time NCCC students may enroll in one course (up to four hours) per semester tuition-free, for up to four semesters (four free courses).

c. Access to Facilities. The NCCC student will have access to all Catawba facilities required for the course for which registration is approved and enrollment is granted. Parking stickers, identification cards, and e-mail accounts will be provided at no charge by Catawba during the period of enrollment.

d. Jurisdiction. The NCCC student will be governed by the calendars, appropriate rules and regulations (including the Catawba College Honor Code), and grading policies of Catawba College while in attendance there. Should a question of jurisdiction arise in connection with this policy, it will be answered by the responsible officers of the two institutions.