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Registration dates are published on the College Academic for each semester, including summer sessions and winter terms. Students should register on the designated days in order to ensure that no classwork is missed and that no academic penalty is thus incurred. Boarding students must register at these times; otherwise, their housing reservations may be forfeited.

Students must meet with their advisor prior to each registration period to plan their program of study. Planning should include careful attention to degree requirements, course prerequisites, and course scheduling. Students should plan schedules carefully to minimize dropping and adding courses at the beginning of the semester.

Students transferring from other higher education institutions should have official transcripts sent directly from the Office of the Registrar of that institution to the Catawba College Admissions Office. The Catawba Registrar’s Office will evaluate transcripts to determine transfer credit to be awarded after a student has been accepted and has deposited. (See “Transfer Credit” above.)

These records should be submitted to Catawba College as far in advance of the registration date as possible, and no later than two weeks prior to the term in which a student plans to enter. Transfer students must also present certificates of honorable dismissal to the Office of Admissions from the institution last attended. In cases of extreme necessity, a student may be admitted with incomplete credentials. However, registration is not complete until all required records, including immunization records required by state law, have been filed and officially accepted by Catawba College. Students in this circumstance will, at the time of registration, be asked by the Admissions Office to sign a letter giving notice that the student has 30 days to submit the proper documentation. Both the Registrar and the student will receive a copy of this letter. The student will then be allowed to register.

If in 30 days the documents have not arrived to the Registrar’s office, the Provost’s Office will notify the student and appropriate Faculty that the student may not attend any further classes until the documentation has been received. Requests for an additional grace period may be granted only by the Provost’s Office.