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Other Types of Suspension


Social Suspension

A student suspended under the provisions of this category has committed transgressions of the Student Code of Conduct or the Honor Code serious enough to make the student “ineligible to continue enrollment and/or to re-enroll at the College for a specific period of time”. The Dean of Students or his/her designee(s) is responsible for activating this process at any time during the semester.

A Social Suspension that is carried out on or before the last day to voluntarily withdraw from classes will result in grades of “W”. After the last day to voluntarily withdraw, Social Suspension will result in grades of “W” or “F” at the discretion of the Dean of Students.

Interim Suspension

In certain circumstances, the Dean of Students, or a designee, may impose a College or residence hall suspension prior to the Student Conduct Board hearing.

1.       Interim suspension may be imposed only:

a) to ensure the safety and well-being of members of the College community or preservation of College property;

b) to ensure the student’s own physical or emotional safety and well-being; or

c) if the student poses an ongoing threat of disruption of, or interference with, the normal operations of the College.

2.       During the interim suspension, a student shall be denied access to the residence halls and/or to the campus (including classes) and/or all other College activities or privileges for which the student might otherwise be eligible, as the Dean of Students or the Student Conduct Administrator may determine to be appropriate.

3.       The interim suspension does not replace the regular process, which shall proceed on the normal schedule, up to and through a Student Conduct Board hearing, if required.

Social and Interim Suspension Appeal Process: Students wishing to appeal the initial decision must submit a letter of appeal with all supporting documentation to the Dean of Students within 48 hours. The Dean of Students will convene faculty and/or staff members to review the appeal within seven business days.

Student Accounts in Regards to an Early Separation from The College

Please be aware that the student is responsible for his or her student account regardless of the reason for leaving the College (i.e., Voluntary or Compassion Withdrawal, Administrative Withdrawal, Medical Withdrawal, Leave of Absence, Social or Interim Suspension, etc.). For withdrawals and leave of absences, the student should follow the proper process starting in the Student Affairs Office which includes completing a withdrawal form that is circulated and signed by various offices at the College.